Vocational Training Centres of KISS
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> Computer Training
> Composite Farming
> Pisciculture
> Animal Husbandry
> Arts & Crafts
> Tailoring
> Applique
> Soft Toys
> Food Training
> Chemical Products
> Recycle Paper
> Incense Sticks
> Photo Framing
> Painting
> Food Processing & Preservation
> Driving
> Bakery
> Security Guard
> Medical Attendant
KISS has been providing training on tailoring, food processing, security services, driving and medical attendant etc.

The main aim of the vocational training programme is –

  • To diversify a sizeable segment of tribal school students at the secondary stage to the world of work.
  • To link education with productivity, economic development and individual prosperity.
  • To meet the skilled and middle level manpower needs of the growing sectors of the economy in both organized and unorganized.