Success Stories

Name – Gobardhan Nayak
Age – 27 years
Tribe – Lodha

He left lucrative job with a multinational company to dedicate himself to his mentor's mission

Family Background: Born to very poor parents, Gobardhan had to leave his village to stay with a relative in Athagarh from where he came to KISS.  Because of poverty, two of his siblings were forced to drop out from school too came to study in KISS.

Process of Transformation:  Gobardhan came to KISS and soon developed a passion for making sculpture in clay.  Now he is making the idols of Ganesh and Saraswati, the God and Goddess of knowledge during the festival to be worshipped by the students.  Besides, Gobardhan with the training and education, he received in KISS got selected to work as an Office Assistant in a company, Delphi in Delhi.
He wanted to do something for the institution that made him successful, he returned back to KISS to be a Junior Assistant to its Founder, Dr. A. Samanta.  With his earning he has built a house in his village. What Gobardhan speaks:  What I am today is only for KISS and Dr. Achyuta Samanta who inspired me to chase a dream till it is fulfilled.

Name – Manoj Garada
Age – 20 years
Tribe – Paraja in Tikir village, Rayagada

KISS transforms a food gatherer caught in an unfortunate circumstances into a computer literate and confident young man ready to take on the world.

Family Background:  Born to a very poor family, Manoj had to survive even after the demise of his drug addicted father followed by his mother after few years when he was still studying in a village school.  Unable to cope with the situation of taking care of his three siblings, Manoj came to Bhubaneswar with just Rs. 15 in hand and reached KISS after some very unsuccessful attempts to survive, working in roadside dhabas near railway station.

Process of Transformation: Once in KISS, he could bring his brothers and sisters to study like thousand others.  His intelligence and creativity were recognized by his mentor and Dr. Samanta.  Soon he represented KISS in the State level Science Exhibition. .

His communication skill got a boost with little care and now he is a creative writer and an orator.  Manoj has now joined the Diploma course in Computer Science with all the scope to excel.What Manoj speaks: I was helping my mother in gathering food for the family and now I work on a computer.  Life could not have been better without KISS and the love of its Founder, Dr. Achyuta Samanta.
Name – Ajit Naik
Age – 25 years
Tribe – Bathudi from Mayurbhanj district

Made a destitute by circumstances, he was given wings by KISS to be an aspiring technocrat.

Family Background: There could not be a family for children like Ajit who lost his parents at the age of 4.  Working as a child labour with lot of physical punishment and traumatic experience being tortured psychologically, Ajit had a disturbed childhood.  The District Collector of Mayurbhanj sent Ajit to KISS.

Process of Transformation:  Ajit completed his High School certificate examination in 2010. The sufferings of a shattered childhood became a thing of past with the love, affection and the care he received from his teachers and mostly from Dr. Achyuta Samanta. 

Ajit is now studying ITI in KIIT while his younger brothers and sisters in KISS are looking at him for inspiration.   Ajit now helps students in practicing Yoga, which he has learned in KISS.
What Ajit Speaks: I want to give my society back what I have learned in KIIT and KISS.  I would have ended up in becoming a child labour but thanks to KISS, I can now earn a decent living.
Name – Ms. Bhagya Laxmi Barik
Age – 19 years
Tribe – Sabara (Saura)

First girl from Primitive Tribal Group (PTG) to participate in Aisan Games as a member of Indian contingent. (XVI Asiad, Guangzhou, China, 2010)

Family Background: Coming from a relatively better economic background, though still below the poverty line, Bhagyalaxmi’s father is a Home Guard with 4 children.  Migrated to Bhubaneswar when her father relocated himself. 

Process of Transformation:  She had her schooling in various institutions till she passed Class X.  Her quest to study Science got her admitted in KISS in 2007.  Once in KISS, she could find thousands of tribal boys and girls with enormous opportunities before them.  Her inclination towards sports, coaching by her mentor got her selected to join the National Camp at Mumbai in 2009.  There was no looking back then.  She represented Indian Rugby in Singapore, Malaysia in 2010.  The crowing glory for her was the participation in 16th Asian Games  at Guangzhou,
China in 2010.  It was in 2011 Bhagyalaxmi retained her position in Asian Women’s 7 Championship in Pune in 2011.   It was a red-carpet welcome for her on her return from China.  Certificates, accolades, from all corners including from Olympic Council of Asia and blessings from the Chief Minister was like a dream comes true for her.

What Bhagyalaxmi speaks:  It is KISS which transformed a village girl to a sort of celebrity.  ‘My dream to build a Rugby team in Odisha could have been long realized if I could have come to KISS earlier’. She is KISS’s gift to the world of sports.

Name - Hadi Dhangada Majhi
Age - 17 years
Tribe - Bonda from Bandhaguda in Malkangiri district

At 17, this Bonda boy from Malkangiri is already a Rugby Star.

Family Background:  While the father is a marginal farmer, the mother succumbed to a septic on her leg.  With six siblings beside him, the family struggles to meet both the ends under the poverty line.   Education for the children was a distant dream till Hadi joined KISS in 2006.

Process of Transformation: Not able to cope up with the new milieu, Hadi, being a late learner showed exceptional interest in sports.  With the help of his teachers and the coach he excelled in what he wanted to do.  He got a berth in the state Rugby team and in 2007 he became a part of the 12 member team to play for India in the World Rugby Championship under his belt, there was no looking back for him.  In 2008, he played in Australia and received the coveted ‘Sir Edward Weary Dunlop Award’, bestowed on someone with outstanding qualities of courage and service.
What Hadi speaks: Hadi never shies away speaking how much he is indebted to KISS and its Founder, Dr. A. Samanta.  He advises others in his hamlet to come to KISS for he believes ‘Through education one can achieve his dream’.
He is indeed a Change Agent.

Name – Manjula Raita
Age – 22 years
Tribe – Lanjia Saura from Jaltar village in Rayagada district

A change agent in the making. After acquiring BA.LL.B from KIIT Law School, she wants to fight for tribal rights.

Family Background: Coming from a relatively better background, because of her mother’s job as an Anganwadi worker, Manjula Raita could not have aspired to study anywhere outside her own locality because of the financial hardship.  With her father working as a seasonal farmer, Manjula could study in her village.  With just a third division in her High School Certificate Examination, she could not think of a better future.  At this juncture she learned about KISS and it proved to be her turning point.

Process of Transformation: The love and care coupled with excellent teaching helped Manjula to secure a 1st class in her +2(Arts) (12th Grade) examination in 2007.  Not only she excelled in her studies but became one of the team member of the Netball team to reach the semifinals for the selection to Commonwealth Games.  Manjula is now in her 3rd year BA LLB course at KIIT Law School. 

She is already a celebrity in her own community where most of the girls of her age are married.  She is now advocating for the benefit of education.  Now she is a Change Agent.

What Manjula Speaks:  ‘If Dr. Samanta could work for us without being a tribal why cannot I work for my people’.  I would work for my rights in the society.  I could never have met and shook hands with the Governor if I would not have come to KISS or blessed by Dr. Samanta.

Name – Saunri Hansdah
Age – 21 years
Tribe – Santhal, Village – Jugalkishorepur of Keonjhar district

After becoming a doctor, she is determined to serve for the tribal community.

Family Background:  Born in a family, where acute poverty is written in the wall, Saunri due to her strong conviction studied in the village school for sometime.  Being the second amongst the four children in the family, Saunri in all purpose became the son in the family, because her elder brother suffers from acute arthritis.  Saunri, the first generation learner of her family came to KISS in 2007.Process of Transformation:  Saunri with good result in +2 (12th Grade) Science opted to become a Doctor.  Her village was not having one and she knew hundred others who like her brother do not get medical care and attention.  From amongst thousands, she got selected to study MBBS in KIMS Medical college, a constituent of KIIT University.  Now Saunri is in her 3rd year MBBS.  Her life in KISS influenced her brother and sister to come to KISS where they are studying with a hope to shine like their sister, Saunri.
What Saunri Speaks:  ‘I will serve my community and village by providing healthcare to all and by trying to bring my fellowmen from the clutches of superstition.  I could think about it because of KISS’.

Name – Ramesh Nayak
Age – 21 years
Tribe – Delki Kharia from Sundargarh district

KISS helps yet another boy from Primitive Tribal Group (PTG) to embark on an IT career in a top multinational.

Family Background:  Born as the seventh child to his parents could not stop Ramesh to walk upto 2 kms from his village to study in a school, though all his siblings stayed away from education.  To supplement the meager income of his parents Ramesh used to work in the field and collect wood from the forest.  Ramesh saw his father work so hard to arrange a square meal a day, so he never left his studies with a hope that through education he can earn a decent living.

Process of Transformation:  He came to KISS and got enrolled in +2 Science.  On completion of it with a 1st class he wanted to study further though he could have got a job.  With the inspiration from Dr. Achyuta Samanta he joined the B.Tech in Computer Science in KIIT.  Now Ramesh is in his final year and he has been selected through campus selection to be an engineer in the reputed IT company TCS. 

A boy was struggled in his childhood now thinks of conducting programmes for the school drop out and uneducated tribal people by the money he would save in 3 years time after joining his job.  He is already a Change Agent.

What Ramesh Nayak Speaks:  I could not have achieved success if I would not have come to KISS which changed me.

Name – Nandakishore Madhi
Age – 19 years
Tribe – Koya from Gompakunda village of Malkangiri district

He escaped the Naxal trap and believed in KISS to help him join the mainstream of the society.

Family Background:  Living on the only income of his father who works as a labourer, Nandakishore would have joined his brother who was forced to help his father for some extra income without going to a school.  It was per chance that some of the workers from KISS found him in his village and brought him to study in KISS.Process of Transformation:

Nandakishore’s life changed once he came to KISS.  After the successful completion of his High School Certificate examination, Nandakishore joined the Commerce stream.  During the vacation, he visits his village and during one such visit, he was caputed by the Maoists who trained him to join the ultra force.  The pressure, the force put on him by the extremists could not deter him from giving them a slip to come back to KISS, for he knew what education meant to the tribals. 

With the care and training, he could come out of the trauma, he had to undergo in the Maoist camp.  Now he is a great motivator to ask tribal children not to fall in the traps laid down by the disruptive force but to study.  His younger brother is also studying in KISS.   

What Nandakishore Speaks:  ‘I am a great fan of Dr. Samanta.  Like him I want everybody in my community must get education’.  

Name: Madhusudan Badnaik
Age: 16 years
Tribe: Bonda, Village: Redeng, Koraput

First Bonda boy to pass in First Division in HSC Board Examination, Odisha.

Family Background: Madhusudan’s parents were poor, yet they dreamt of a life of dignity for their three sons. However, poverty posed a formidable hurdle to realize their dream. Driven by poverty, he was forced to work in the field with his parents, sacrificing his education. With Madhusudan’s two elder brothers already school drop-outs, his destiny also seemed to be going in the same direction. But providence had something else in store for him. After learning about KISS from some relatives, his parents admitted him here in Class III in 2005.

Process of Transformation: Conducive atmosphere at KISS and encouragement from teachers brought out the best in Madhusudan. He was sincere in all his activities – studies, vocational training and sports. Being a beneficiary of English Access Micro-scholarship Programme at KISS sponsored by US Embassy, he had impressed his teachers by his hard work and performance.

All these bore fruit when in 2012 he passed HSC Examination conducted by Board of Secondary Education, Odisha securing 70% marks. He belongs to Bonda community, a Primitive Tribal Group, who are the first generation learners. He now holds the distinction of being the first Bonda boy to pass in First Division in HSC Examination.     

What Madhusudan Badnaik Speaks: “This is a one small step; I have to take many more to become a Doctor and serve the humanity”.