Mother Tongue based Multi Lingual Education Program

Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences (KISS) in collaboration with Bernard van Leer Foundation (BvLF), initiated the Mother Tongue Based Multilingual Education In 2013

It was the first Resource Centre on Mother Tongue based Early Childhood Education in India. The Resource Centre was aimed to optimize and consolidate learnings in mother tongue based Early Childhood Education. activitiesactivities

MTB-MLE is an educational approach in which children start learning in their mother tongue in early grades with a gradual transition to second and other languages. With this approach, children develop strong competence in their MT which becomes helpful for them to learn second and other languages at higher level.

BvLF has been supporting the campaign for a policy on mother tongue based early childhood education for tribal children in Odisha since 2007. The belief is that pedagogy is crucial while dealing with young children in their formative years.

Implementation Methodology

  • Provide education in mother tongue and make children transition into formal language of education gradually.
  • Provide teaching learning materials and classroom instruction in the mother tongue.
  • Implement a gradual shift from learning in mother tongue language (L1) to the state language (L2)
  • Provide training, continuous supervision, and evaluation to teachers - to enhance their skills for effective classroom teaching.
  • Conduct program monitoring by external experts