Other MOU's & Collaborations
KISS is accredited with Give India. The main aim of Give India is to promote an effective and efficient giving culture that provides greater opportunities to the poor in India. It is a vibrant ‘philanthropy marketplace’ to ensure that the most effective and efficient non-profits get access to resources. After a thorough scrutiny, KISS has been listed under Give India and gets support for various activities.

Credibility Alliance/ Guidestar: KISS is accredited with Credibility Alliance and Guidestar. Through these accreditations, KISS is committed towards enhancing Accountability and Transparency in the sector through goodgovernance.
British Council: British Council in partnership with Diageo has launched the Young Women Social Entrepreneurship Development Programme which is being implemented at KISS. British Council also provides E- library facilities which are availed by the tribal students. The students avail academic and non-academic literature and referencematerials.