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Other MOU's & Collaborations


General Insurance Corporation of India:

GIC is associated with KISS through sponsorship of students. Currently GIC supports 80 Post Graduate students. Through this GIC is engaged in substantial and sustained efforts towards providing higher education to the underprivileged students through KISS. GIC may in the future also consider providing for financial support in projects of KISS through terms and conditions as per subsequent agreement yet to be developed for the betterment of Tribal students through its CSR Arm.

Max Foundation:

Max Foundation has been partnering KISS since the last four years and providing vaccination to the children being enrolled at KISS. Vaccines such as MMR, Typhoid, Hep-B, etc are being provided by Max Foundation. On a yearly basis almost around 2000 children are being vaccinated.

NALCO Foundation:

Nalco Foundation has been partnering KISS since 2013. Nalco sponsored 240 students in the first year from its peripheral location in Koraput district. It added another 100 stuidents the subsequent year. NALCO Foundation also has envisaged an interest to come forward and extend help towards the school at Koraput.
Tata Consultancy Services(TCS):

TCS is associated with KISS to provide training in soft skills through their Affirmative program. Under this program the graduating students will undergo a vast course in order to develop and improve upon their ability in communication and other leadership qualities. This in turn will improve their employability skills.
FXB India Suraksha:

Both KISS and FXB are working for the common cause of promoting education for less privileged children of India. This association has made KISS work with large organizations working on similar grounds and concerns.
Corporate/ Foundation/ Institute Linkages:

KISS is also linked to various corporate houses based in Odisha as well as in other parts of the country. Some of them include Essel Mining (Aditya Birla Group), OCL, Tata Sponge Limited, Rourkela Steel Plant, Air Liquide Foundation, Blue Star Foundation, Honeywell India and Intel Technology India Pvt Ltd.

US Embassy Ind:

Recognizing the mission of KISS and contribution to empower poorest of poor, the US Embassy sponsored “English Access Micro scholarship Program”. The program has been successful in gradually building up writing, reading, listening & speaking skills in English, for a group of selected students of KISS. The program provides a foundation of English language skill to 550 talentedstudents.

The Centre for American studies stands as an example of Indian-American collaboration in the field of education. The centre offers students the opportunity to explore more about the United States-its history, politics, culture etc. It provides a window onto the various options available to the students in higher education especially concerning American studies. It also works as a research centre and has been a venue to various seminars and lectures in the past and we aspire to continue to do so in thefuture

Bernard van Leer Foundation:

KISS in collaboration with the Bernard Van LeerFoundation has started the Mother tongue Based Multilingual Education (MT based MLE) to address the need of the indigenous children who are enrolled in the school. The organization has set up a language lab in which indigenous children are taught in their own mother tongue so that they relate to their own culture and identify when they first enrolled inschool.

Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS):

The MoU between TISS and KISS aims to establish a framework for collaborative partnership on mutually agreed areas by promoting and co-opting human resources for   undertaking  research, curriculum and pedagogy development, livelihood & skill building,       counselling, training program, seminar and workshops for teachers and students, This is also helping in capacity development of teachers along with providing holistic education to the tribalchildren.

National Mineral Development Corporation (NMDC):

National Mineral Development Corporation (NMDC) in collaboration with KISS is setting up Livlihood centre for tribal children at Kanker in the state of Chhattisgarh..

Tata Steel Limited:

KISS and Tata Steel have agreed to strengthen the relationship between the industry and the institutions by developing collaboration in various academic, research, training and staff development activities. They will also facilitate education of the children of the displaced families at KISS and work for upliftment of the marginalized vulnerable sections of thepopulation.

AFS Intercultural Programs, India:

KISS along with KIIT University and KIIT International School, have collaborated with AFS Inda, to provide  opportunities for students to study abroad, and to also provide international students to do Internships and volunteering atKISS.


AIESEC provides students the opportunity to do internship in international destinations . KISS is the destination of more than 15 Interns annually who come through the AIESEC Internship Program.

EdCIL (India) Ltd.:

EdCIL(Inda) Ltd. is associated with KISS under its CSR program, whereby, EdCIL provides for assistance to KISS through which Text Books have been bought in the current academic session. EdCIL has also shown interest in providing support to KISS towards building Smart classrooms in the future.

Kelloggs India:

Kelloggs India under its CSR initiative of providing healthy breakfast, has started providing with 200 ML Milk and a 400gms pack of Kelloggs Cornflakes to each student of KISS. The Students are extremely excited and are happy to begin the day with a healthy option.

Banchte Shekha:

Banchte Shekha is a foundation in Bangladesh with a global cause of empowering poor rural women and children through various programs. Both KISS and Banchte Shekha are working for the common cause of promoting education for less privileged children of Bangladesh and India.

Child & Youth Finance International:

KISS has collaborated with Child & Youth Finance International to help strengthen the skills of the students studying in the institute. The cooperation will also target the children and youth in the 20 districts of Odisha where KISS has its operations.


Crossover Basketball and Scholars Academy is an educational non-profit organization that pairs basketball with an academic focus in a manner that will ensure that students become lifelong learners, and are able to see the doors education open. Crossover is interested to open a school in Tamil Nadu in association with KISS and also apply their methodology of basketball in forging creativity, drive and cooperation.

National Slum Dwellers Federation:

In association with Mr. Jockin Arputham, Magsaysay award winner, KISS will carry out development work in slums of Odisha and India.