KISS has been undertaking different programme based collaborative initiatives to hone the earning skills of tribal students. It follows a unique process of education for enabling the students to earn even during their student hood. Students are identified keeping their skills and interest in different vocations and are trained likewise. Amongst different vocational activities, food processing has been given priority keeping in view its significance in tribal lives.  In this way KISS has reached the threshold of opening its door towards a new horizon.

Students being imparted knowledge on food processing and preservation

KISS in collaboration with AIR LIQUIDE Foundation has been promoting the skill of food processing and preservation amongst the tribal children.

Initiatives undertaken with the help of AIR LIQUIDE Foundation

  • Support for the training of target groups that include both teachers and students
  • Involvement of persons having expertise knowledge on food processing and preservation
  • Up-gradation of skills of in-house teachers for strengthening the skills of the teachers and the students
  • Procurement of several equipments like Microwave ovens, Mixture grinders etc for the training programme

AIR LIQUIDE Foundation provided financial support for the procurement of all required materials. The training programme was organized in the KISS premises.

Impact / Outcome:

  • The training strengthened the resource base in KISS in providing need based training to the students.
  • 300 numbers of students and teachers were covered under two batches training in duration of three months per batches.

KISS has taken a vital responsibility to channel this inherited skills looking at the interest of the tribal students. KISS has started providing training to the teachers on food processing and preservation who would further disseminate the information to the students for ensuring their sustainable livelihood in future.