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Our Impact

The state of Odisha is characterized by largest number of indigenous population constituting 24 percent of the total population of the state. These communities continue to remain as one of the most marginalised and deprived sections of the society. Realizing the problem behind the sluggish pace of transformation into mainstream society, KISS was founded by Dr. AchyutaSamanta in the year 1993. The institute which started with only 125 tribal students in 1993 has grown remarkably, in all dimensions, to become the only institution in the world providing free education from Kindergarten to Post-Graduation with vocational and extracurricular training, free lodging and boarding, state-of-the-art pedagogy and facilities for more than 25,000 students of tribal origin. The major objective behind the conceptualization of the institute is to empower the indigenous children by free holistic and quality education. The students have earned recognition in academics, vocational capabilities and global recognition in sports also.

25,308 children from indigenous communities provided with free holistic education from primary level to Higher education. Over 2 lakh children and adolescents reached through KISS initiative with UNFPA’s Life Skills Education and Adolescence Reproductive and Sexual Health Programme. KISS :

Plight of Tribals
Tribal population of India is more than 10.2 Cr
8.6% of the total population of the country is tribal
India has the single largest tribal population in the world
Literacy rate among tribal population is less than 30% in India
Approx. 24% of Odisha’s population is tribal