Third visit of Hanseo University Volunteers to KISS (20-29 July, 2010)
A 20 member student volunteers from Hanseo University, South Korea visited KISS on 20th to 29th July, 2010. The volunteers visited different campuses and interacted with the students.

This is the third visit of student-delegates from Hanseo University to KISS as per the MoU signed before between KIIT and Hanseo University. It provides student exchange and faculty development programme and promotes cultural exchange between the two countries.

During the ten days visit, the volunteers participated in a lot of social and cultural activities at KISS, like, plantation, assisting for the preparation of the dinner for KISS students and game practice with the students of KISS, and vocational training like hair cutting & Taekwondo training etc. Their activities also included a day-long rural area visit to Kalarabanka, a model village developed by Dr. A. Samanta, Founder, KIIT & KISS. Hanseo University has taken the responsibility to build a tailoring Unit at Kalarabanka.

The Korean students also visited tourist places like Puri and Konark. The student-delegates were felicitated at a felicitation ceremony at KISS. Hanseo University also felicitated by giving scholarship to 12 highest number securing students in different classes of KISS.

As per the MoU signed between KIIT University and Hanseo University, 150-200 Korean students will visit KIIT and KISS every quarter for learning English and Odissi dance. This way, about 500 Korean students will visit KISS every year. Dr. Samanta expressed his gratitude to Dr. Kee Sun Ham, Founder and Chairman of Hanseo University for extending helping hand towards social service.