First visit of Hanseo University Volunteers to KISS (21- 28 July, 2009)

A twelve member volunteer delegation from Hanseo University visited KISS on 21st July, 2009. In between their staying they visited different parts of Odisha and understood the socio-economic conditions of the tribal community.

They engaged in activities like plantation at KISS Rugby field, assisting in the preparation of dinner for the KISS students, game practice with the students of KISS and visit to different tourist places of Odisha.

Members of the visiting delegation included Mr. Park Seoung-Cheol (Chairman of Students' Council), Mr. Hong Tae-ll (Staff of Students' Council), Mr. Kim Seung-Jae (Professor) and Mr. Choi ll- Souk (Staff). Other members of the visiting team like Lee Hwang- Seok, Cho Jun-Sik, Shin Na-Ri, Kim Nam-Yong, Jin Sang-Yoon, Jang Jae-Hyung, Yoon Eun-Gee, Baek Song-Yi - are students from different departments of Hanseo University.

Dr. Samanta, Founder Secretary, KIIT welcomed the volunteers from Hanseo University and expressed hope that this interaction would help the two organizations to understand each other’s culture and lifestyle.