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“Giving quality education to the
deprived is like giving sight to the blind.”

Achyuta Samanta

Future Roadmap

KISS has been envisioning transforming the institute into a Tribal University in the coming years which would be the only university for tribal in the state providing free residential education. KISS aims to lay the foundation stone for building the edifice of tribal development.

Over the next five years KISS has been planning to increase its outreach in the State by setting up KISS model schools in all the districts of Odisha, beginning with the districts with higher marginalized population. Further it aims to strengthen the district schools by building partnerships and collaborating with the government and non-government agencies. The establishment of KISS has created an interest and a demand for education among the underprivileged tribal population. With each year passing by the number of students getting enrolled into the institute has been increasing. With the demand for education among the tribal increasing it becomes a little difficult for KISS to accommodate all the students at the institute. KISS with its limited resources cannot meet the educational requirements of all the tribal students. Therefore, KISS plans to open schools in all the tribal dominated blocks.

KISS has not only been aiming to establish schools but is also opening its branch offices, namely KISS
Satellite Centers, in all the districts. So far 16 KISS Satellite Centers are operational in the district level. Through the satellite centers KISS will be organizing Health and Education camps in the districts. It would also take up different development initiatives in the districts through the centers. Apart from Odisha, KISS aspires to expand its reach throughout the country. The KISS model of education has already been replicated in the National Capital Region of Delhi.

KISS District Schools are also on its way, with Corporate Organizations such as EMAMI coming up for the Balasore school, and the KISS Mayurbhanj is all set to begin in partnership with the ADANI Group. These two organizations have signed MoU’s with KISS for the new schools. KISS in order to generate funds for these district level schools has already registered KISS Foundation US and KISS Foundation UK apart from colllaborating with various organizations.

KISS Foundation USA was incorporated on the 11th of August 2015. The purpose of the Corporation shall be exclusively charitable and education. One can make donations, grants and contribution to the KISS Foundation USA to support the education of impoverished children and young people in India and other countries, support the provision of healthcare, accommodation and training to children and young people in need, to raise awareness of the work carried out by the corporation and other educational and welfare organizations. KISS Foundation USA (Employer Identification Number: 47– 5363659) is an organization exempt under the Internal Revenue Code classified under the Public Charity section.

THE KISS FOUNDATION UK, England and Wales, registered with charity number-1144046 is set up with a vision of educating and empowering the poor marginalized section of society who do not get square meal a day. It will support Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences (KISS) which provides education to indigenous children with food, education, health facilities, sports free of cost from Class 1 to Post- Graduation & professional courses. The charity will broadly involve in education/training, the prevention or relief of poverty and will help children and youth. It will operate to make grants to organisations and provide advocacy/advice/information.

Support KISS
KISS would like to appeal one and all to join hands and help in this noble cause. “Giving education to
the poor is like giving sight to the blind”. This adage certainly holds true. You all can contribute and
help KISS achieve in educating, enabling and empowering 200000 children deprived for no reason of their own.