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KISS Green is a novel initiative of the institute which emanates from its concern for the environment. Various activities have been taken under the initiative which makes KISS a truly eco-friendly campus. Students and staff enthusiastically participate in plantation drive in and around the campus. This has resulted in a green cover within the campus and its vicinity. Solar Energy has been adopted as a clean energy source at various places within the campus to save electricity. Further, KISS surrounding is kept pollution free through an efficient waste water management system.

A 850KWp Solar Photovoltaic Plant (SPV):

In an initiative to promote green /clean energy KISS has installed 850KWp Solar Photovoltaic system in its campus. This system is meeting more than 70% of its energy demand during daytime.This is regarded as one of the largest roof top installation in any institute in India. It fulfills our commitment towards a greener and cleaner environment. Further it plays a vital role in reducing CO2 emission & saving substantially.

1000kg capacity BIOGAS Plant:

KISS being a residential campus, produces a lot of food waste. In an effort to convert this food waste into useful energy, KISS has built a 1000 kg capacity Biogas plant. The product from this plant is fed to our kitchen to supplement cooking activity. Therefore it adds to our effort for reduction in fossil fuel dependence.

Fully Mechanized Steam based Kitchen:

Food preparation for 25,000 students is no mean task and needs full dedication of manpower and technology. It is alsoof paramount importance to cook the food hygienically. Looking at the volume and hygiene issues, KISS installed a fully mechanized steam based kitchen which serves the purpose by reducing time of cooking, minimizing fuel & preparing hygienic food by directly using steam in cooking vessels.

1000 kld Sewerage Treatment Plant (STP):

KISS has a huge responsibility towards keeping the campus clean. The amountof human waste/ Sewerage produced on a daily basis is humongous. In order to have a healthy environment KISS has commissioned a Sewerage Treatment Plant (STP). After passing through different phases of the STP, the treated water is utilized towards agricultural use and flushing purposes.

Mechanized Laundry:

KISS also runs a fully mechanized Laundry to enable the students to clean clothes. It plays an important role in minimizing the use of water. It also reduces contagious diseases which spread because of unhygienic conditions.